Training with ORCA

Through the efforts of passionate and experienced volunteers and coaches, ORCA offers multiple training options. Whether you are committed to taking your current fitness to a higher level or looking to begin your fitness journey, there are plenty of opportunities each week to help you to reach your goals.

Running with a group provides many benefits including: consistency, safety, motivation, and support. In a group setting, you can join people with similar goals and interests so you can help each other to stay on target. Depending on your goals, the group you train with will have a specific training plan that is scheduled week by week to prepare you for a local race.

The weekly workouts are designed to provide a few build-ups per year with a target of a major running event. These start out with lighter intensities and durations to ease you into a 16 or 20 week cycle. They build up to allow you to adapt and improve your physical fitness.

If you have dreams to doing a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, trail event, or even an ultra marathon, there are running and walking partners to make your journey an enjoyable one.

Rain or shine, it’s better to work on our goals together.

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