Ali Roberts sprints to finish

Welcome to the ORCA Training Program!

Through the efforts of passion-driven, experienced volunteers and coaches, ORCA offers multiple training options. Whether you are committed to taking your current fitness to a higher level or looking to begin your fitness journey, there are plenty of opportunities each week that can help you to reach your goals. Train for speed, tempo, hills, distance, trails, Learn to Run, and walking to maximize your potential using effective techniques in a group setting.

If you have not run with a group before, some of the benefits include: consistency, safety, motivation, and support. In a group setting, you can join people with similar goals and interests so you can help each other to stay on target. Depending on your goals, the group you train with will have a specific training plan that is scheduled week by week to prepare you for a local race.

Whether you just started and have dreams to do a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, trail events, or even an ultra marathon, there are running and walking partners so you can enjoy the journey with a buddy.

Rain or shine, it’s better to work on our goals together.