Racer of the Year Award

Donated by Rhys Harrison, the aim of this award is to encourage members to enter races and especially to support our local Vancouver Island Series.

Any publicly advertised road or trail running races would count but not track, triathlon, or multi-sport adventure races. Any location including outside Canada is eligible.

Adult male or female members of good standing over the full year can apply. Speed is of no consequence, so anyone can win.

2020 Winner is Jill Davies

Jill raced a total of 7 races in spite of Covid and placed first in six of them. She ran her first half marathon at the Goodlife Fitness in Victoria and placed 3rd in her age division

Other accomplishments included setting an age division course record for the Port Alberni Paper Chase 15k and winning the individual age group standings for the Island Series by completing 5 of the 8 possible races in first place.

2019 Racer of the Year – Terry Riggins

2018 Racer of the Year

Patti Rogers is the 2018 Racer of the Year, accepting the trophy from Terry Riggins at the AGM. This photo was taken after she competed at the 55 plus games in Cranbrook, earning 6 gold medals. Our ORCA track star also achieved 3 new meet records. The games have been going for 31 years, making the accomplishment even more amazing. Patti has a total of 24 gold medals for the year and is ranked first in her age group (nationally) in the 50M, 100M, 200M, 400M, Long jump, and Triple Jump. Congratulation Patti! This special honour was awarded to Patti, in part, to recognize her dedication to training throughout the year to be ready to win records and record numbers of track and field events, but also, to recognize her commitment to her sport, the ORCA club, and community.

2017 Racer of the Year – Jill Davies

2016 Racer of the Year

With her award-winning smile, Allison Roberts accepted the Racer of the Year award from Terry Riggins. Alli completed 12 races this year with impressive times–9 trail and 3 road–bringing distinction to our ORCA club. Keep up the awesome effort, Alli!

2015 Racer of the Year

The racer of the year award was given to Terry Riggins. He completed the most races of any ORCA runners for the year. He won the island series in his age category. He was also first in the 5K and 8K B.C. Athletics road running championships.

2014 Racer of the Year

Our club president, Melissa Ross, is the deserving winner of The Racer of the Year. Melissa completed 14 races this year, including national competitions. Hurray for Melissa!

2013 Racer of the Year

The award goes to Jim McLean, who at the age of 82, completed 14 races, 3 of which happened to be half marathons. Jim managed some personal bests during his race season and is well deserving of this award.

2012 Winner was MELISSA ROSS

2011 Winner was TERRY RIGGINS