Do you need some motivation?


ORCA runs have resumed with considerations for staying safe. Our membership contact list now needs some sorting out.

Each year the Learn to Run program attracts a whole new batch of enthusiasm. Several participants continue with Learn to Run More. Learn to Run registration includes ORCA membership. That hasn’t changed even though the Mother’s Day Run was unfortunately cancelled this year.

The membership mailing list will soon be edited to only include current 2020 members. With the Covid19 chaos, renewing your membership may not have been a high priority. We don’t want to lose you and hope you’ll continue to run or walk with us. Check out our website at for information about registration and all the other wonderful opportunities available through our club.


We usually have an unofficial Canada Day Half Marathon. It’s really just our Saturday run with patriotic enthusiasm. This year’s version is the ORCA Virtual Half Marathon. If you complete the distance 21.1kms running, walking or some combination between June and July 15th you’ll receive a very fancy award. I’ve asked Heather to post two route options or you can plan your own route.

If you only run 5 or 10km, consider just walking the rest. It’s still a long way. Walking the complete distance could take 3:30-4hrs. Be prepared to meet your own hydration and nutrition needs. You are on your own, but hopefully with a Covid Chum to keep you company. Let me know if you are interested or when you’ve completed the distance and I’ll make sure you get your award. If a Half Marathon sounds daunting, make up your own challenge and distance. Invite a friend and create your own medal.

There are many benefits to being an ORCA member. Inspiration, Motivation and Friendship are the obvious. ORCA is also proud to give back to our Oceanside Community by donating the proceeds from our annual Oceanside Mother’s Day Run to local charities. Although this year’s event was cancelled, we are working on ways to ensure we can still make some of these contributions. Please join us.

Happy running,