ORCA Virtual Half Marathon

If you complete the distance 21.1kms running, walking or some combination between June and July 15th you’ll receive a very fancy award.  When you’ve completed the distance, contact Penny to receive your award.

Two suggested route options follow or make up your own route to be completed by July 15th.

Option 1: Starting at Serious Coffee

21.1km Route


Start: near the Traffic lights, facing the ocean. Franklin Gull at Island Hwy.

Run toward the ocean, turn left on Northwest Bay Rd, left on Arbutus, right on Island hwy, right on Resort Way lights, left on Resort Drive, continue on Resort Drive to the Log Cabin Store, continue down the side road to the Hwy, cross over Englishman River Bridge, take the next right on Martindale Rd, this will turn in to Turner, continue, next left on Shelly Rd, turn right on Pioneer Crescent. Follow Pioneer to the end, take paved path to Corfield, turn right, take next left on Beach Drive in to the Community Park, continue on Beach Drive to the end of the beach loop, take the road or the path, loop around at the end and head back. Follow the Board walk to McMillian St, run up the hill, Turn right on the Hwy, continue to Dogwood, turn right. Left on Bay Ave, right on Willow, Left on Sorel, Right on Temple, Right on Sunray, left on Wright, Right on Glenhale, left on Dickinson, follow this to the end, short path to Wright Rd, cross over Wright to Temple, short distance. Turn right on Aberdeen, continue on Aberdeen this will turn into Sanderson, turn left on Foster Dr, right on Temple, left on Bay, right on Dogwood, left on Hwy, cross Corfield, take path to Pioneer Crescent, stay on Pioneer to the end, turn right on Martindale short distance, left on Hwy, continue the way you came past the log cabin store to Resort Dr, continue to Resort Way, turn right to lights, turn left on Hwy back to Arbutus, turn left, right on NWB Rd, right on Franklin Gull to your finish distance minimum 21.1Km

Option 2: Starting at Rathtrevor Park, main parking lot near the beach

Disclaimer… this may not be exactly 21.1km please use your own GPS device for accuracy


 Start just off the Main Parking lot at Rathtrevor Park, ** On the beach path heading toward Nanaimo, follow path along the beach toward Tanglewood, continue on the path around the corner past the washrooms to the first parking lot exit. Run through the parking lot, stay on the road till it intersects with Rath Rd, turn left up the hill, left at Resort Dr, run all the way to the end near Sunrise Ridge Resort, look for the path on your right, take the path past Repo Depo, and to the Hwy, turn left, next left at Arbutus, turn right run behind the Heritage Mall, behind Serious Coffee.

Exit path toward NWB road, stay left follow the path down the hill toward the beach, continue on the path to exit to Bay Dr, turn right on Terrian Rd, turn right on NWB Rd, stay on NWB  to Gabriola Dr, at this point you will see a path on the right that runs parallel with NWB rd take this, say on the path up the hill, cross over Langara Pl, stay on the path run back behind Serious Coffee,

Left on Arbutus, right on the Hwy, right at Repo Depo, Left at Resort, Right at Rathtrevor Rd, run down the hill, turn right into the Main parking lot. Approximately 10km.

For  1/2 marathon continue toward the beach path, stay left follow the path all the way to San Periel. exit to Shorewood Dr, follow Shorewood, this will turn into Plummer Rd, take the path just below the Orange Bridge, cross over the Bridge, turn right at Matindale Rd, next left on Pioneer Cr, turn right on Shelly Rd, continue down Shelly to the Estuary Path, follow this to the Bird viewing Tower, turn around here and follow the same route back, continue back up to Shelly, turn left on Pioneer, continue to the Hwy, cross the Bridge, take the Path back down to Plummer Rd, this will turn into Shorewood Dr, stay right, back to the Park entrance, turn left to beach path, follow the path back along the ocean, turn right on path #4 this will take you out toward the campground gate, turn left here, run along the road till you see the entrance to the Main parking lot, turn left into the Parking lot, stay left run around the end , head back toward the start,  please note, if you view the map in Satellite you can see the finish and paths more clearly.