2019 Directors’ Meeting Minutes

2019 Oceanside Running Club Association (ORCA) Board of Directors’ Meeting

Saturday, January 19, 2019, at 625 Rye Road, Qualicum Beach.

Board members in attendance: Doug Marshall, Stephanie McLeod, Penny Youngash, Jill Davies, and Catherine Trembath.
Absent Board members: Barb Wildman-Spencer and Jody Parkes.
Guest: Rod Bailey.

  1. Call to Order at 10:21 am
    MOTION by Jill to call meeting to order. SECONDED by Doug. MOTION PASSED unanimously.
  2. Query winter 8:30 am starts to Saturday runs
    Doug proposed that Saturday runs in the winter start at 8:30 am because the low light creates safety concerns and because many members are retired and have more flexibility time wise. Also he cited the precedent that runs had started at 9 am at one time. Penny wanted to have the time stay at 8 am and Jill agreed saying it was good to keep a consistent start time throughout the year. Doug brought up the fact that there is an ORCA run group in Qualicum Beach that starts at 8:30 am for the trail runners and 9 am for the road runners. Rod shared that in the past later start times had proved a disaster because some members found that it cut into their day. In the end, Doug suggested this matter be shelved until September when the days get shorter again.
  3. Guest Rod Bailey – Learn To Run (LTR) Program discussion
    Doug said we wanted as a Board to make sure Learn To Run (LTR) participants were made to feel welcome into the ORCA family. Doug had informally polled some past LTR participants who all said that they did not feel a part of ORCA and did not receive information such as social events and weekly runs. Doug, as president, is going to go to some LTR runs starting in March to welcome the participants personally.


    Rod reported that participants do not need too much information too fast. It takes a while to convert them to thinking that they are a runner and not be intimidated by the idea of ORCA being an elite running squad. Rod went on to explain the nature of the LTR Program and the needs of the participants. He noted the usefulness of having other members of ORCA attending to offer encouragement and assistance.

    Rod advised that Doug Brown has prepared a terrific set of instructional and motivational emails that are provided to the participants on a regular basis. He suggested that we avoid burdening the participants with too much additional information too soon. He also suggested that we allow them 3 – 4 runs before we attempt to bring them into the ORCA family, but he did recommend a welcome letter from the Club be provided to the participants. Rod invited further communication for the LTR participants to be funnelled through him.

    MOTION by Doug to write a letter of welcome to the LTR participants to be written by Doug and to be emailed to the participants. SECONDED by Stephanie. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

  4. Procedure for using waivers
    Doug reported that the lawyer for ORCA has now updated the waiver used for new and renewing members and for the Oceanside 10K and 5K Race. Doug also noted that guest runners at ORCA runs need to sign a waiver prior to running and need to be paid a nominal sum prior to running. The Directors will endeavour to ensure that this procedure is carried out to better protect the Club.


    The Directors discussed the merits of our weekly run emails referencing this procedure.

    MOTION by Jill to have Heather Beatty add a note to her weekly run emails noting the requirement that all guests sign a waiver and receive nominal payment prior to running. SECONDED by Doug. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

  5. Query reflective vests
    The Directors discussed the merits of swag in general and reflective vests in particular. Jill related some previous inquiries that she had made in this connection. She will make further inquiries with another club that has vests of this nature. She will report back to the Directors in due course.
  6. Better communication with members
    The Directors discussed the status of present communications with the members and considered whether such communication is sufficient. Newsletters and Facebook options were discussed. It was generally agreed that too much communication is not desirable. No changes are needed at this time.
  7. Volunteer for website maintenance
    The directors discussed a recent request of Barb Low for a volunteer to assist with maintaining the ORCA website during a forthcoming expected absence. No one on the board had sufficient available time in this connection.


    MOTION by Doug to add to a forthcoming letter to the membership requesting a volunteer to step forward to assist Barb Low in maintaining the ORCA website. SECONDED by Catherine. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

  8. Update on membership and Race Roster
    Penny advised that we have 51 members registered for the New Year as of yesterday’s date (including 13 paper registrations). Doug Brown has been shown how to dovetail the LTR registrants with the Race Roster program. Penny requested that the President remind the membership that renewals are now due.
  9. E-transfer use
    The Directors discussed the merits of e-transfer in the membership renewal process and decided not to pursue same.
  10. New business
    Stephanie advised that we have $3039.06 in the chequing account and $4020.00 in the savings account as of January 14, 2019. She will continue to liaise with Gerry Thompson, Past Treasurer, regarding the handing of entries and movement of funds between the two accounts. Jill suggested that we send a copy of an information sheet about our club to the Learn to Run participants and indicated that she would send a copy of same to Doug. Jill also suggested that we investigate the cost of T shirts for the Oceanside 10K and 5K race day volunteers.  The Directors shall individually look into same.
  1. Adjournment
    MOTION by Doug to adjourn the meeting at 12 noon. SECONDED by Penny. MOTION PASSED unanimously.