2018 AGM

Thursday, November 1, 2018, at Serious Coffee, 1209 E. Island Hwy, Parksville

Members in attendance – Heather Beatty, David Beatty, Kris Riggins, Terry Riggins, Sue Thompson, Gerry Thompson, Don Petrie, Sandra A. Webb, Jill Davies, Maureen Kenyon, Don Barber, Faye Amos, Barb Low, Patti Rogers, Penny Youngash, Christine Rivers, Dean Williams, Barb Wildman- Spencer, Barry Carr, Donna de Bellefeuille, Catherine Trembath, Penny Knorr, Stephanie McLeod, Jody Parkes and Chris Chiment (as well as one attendee whose name was not on the list).

Board of Directors in Attendance:
President: Barbara Low
Treasurer: Gerry Thompson
Secretary: Barbara Low (interim)
Membership Director: (Doug Brown absent) (Barbara Low, co-director)
Public Relations Director: Jill Davies
Social Director: Barb Wildman-Spencer

Mother’s Day Race Director, Co-Director: Donna de Bellefeuille and Barry Carr
Learn to Run Program:  (Doug Brown, also representing Rod Bailey, both absent)

6:31 p.m.: Call to Order and Welcome: Barbara Low
MOTION to call meeting to order by Barb Low, SECONDED by Maureen Kenyon. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

The president welcomed all in attendance and noted that the ORCA Board of Directors met in person and online several times this year to make decisions. She thanked all for their contributions.

Among the highlights of the year, reported by Barb, was the success of our Oceanside Mother’s Day 10km/5km event with a significant increase in registrants for the 5K course. Donations made by the Club included $2,000 to Haven House and over $1,000 donated by race participants to local organizations. Jill Davies organized a donation photo op with Haven House, Forward House, Mid-Island Distance Running Club, Oceanside Track and Field, Workability and ORCA. Draw prizes were presented to volunteers and participants .

The President confirmed that we have renewed:

  1. Our ORCA website ownership,
  2. Our official mailing address to comply with website requirements and for mailed membership cheques, and
  3. Our third-party liability and Directors’ insurance coverage. It was noted that the Mother’s Day Race will continue to be covered by a separate policy.

The president advised that Heather Beatty continues to send via email Saturday morning route plans. She welcomes any help. A separate Trail Runners’ group organizes their own routes.

The president advised that Doug Brown continues to lead the Learn to Run Program with help from Rod Bailey, Maureen Forscutt, and Sandy and David Webb.

The president noted that Jackie Allen continues to lead the Tuesday tempo workouts.

The president advised that Donna de Bellefeuille leads the Race Committee for the Oceanside 5K and 10K Mother’s Day race with help from Barry, Rod, Doug, and many others. The Race Committee included Donna, Barry, Penny, Doug, Shirley, Rod, Barb, Sheri, Jill, Barbara, Bruce Galick, Dean and many more. Over 100 members and community participants helped too.

The president advised that Barb Wildman-Spencer continues as Social Director. The Christmas Party is at the Nanoose Bay Library Hall on Saturday, December 8th, from 6 to 10:30 pm—with local band Groundswell. BYOB and bring your own potluck dish to share.

The president advised that Jill Davies (PR director) is working to increase the club’s visibility, develop relationships with club and race sponsors as well as news reporters, and to recruit new members. The Club has been recognized in the PQ News, Parksville/QB Discovery Guide, and the RDN Active Living Guide before the Mother’s Day Race. One of the many reasons for the great success of the 2018 Mother’s Day race was the abundance of draw prizes obtained by Goldie Lindenbach.

The president recognized our Club sponsors: Frontrunners Nanaimo, Pharmasave, Jim’s Gym and our race sponsors: Quality Foods, Parks West, Starbucks, Island Radio, Summit Sound, What’s On Digest, and Pacific Shores Creekside Suites.


Communications Report: Terry Riggins –Terry stepped down as a board member in January but continues to post on the website. The Communications role will remain altered until another ORCA member fills the position.

Treasurer’s Report: Gerry Thompson, report attached.

Membership Report: Doug Brown/Barbara Low. Barb advised that we currently have 108 paid members.

Public Relations Report: Jill Davies, report attached.

Learn to Run Program: Doug Brown (also representing Rod Bailey), report attached.

Race Report: Donna de Bellefeuille, report attached.


ORCA Racer of the Year Award: Terry Riggins presented to Patti Rogers for her outstanding commitment to training and gold standard competition results this year. The trophy was donated by Rhys Harrison, a former ORCA member–Patti Rogers and Terry Riggins

Ken Owen Award: This memorial award was to be presented on behalf of Faye Amos to Doug Brown for his commitment to the Learn to Run program throughout the year, the ORCA club, and the Oceanside community. However Doug was not in attendance. Barb Low received prize on behalf of Doug Brown.

Special Presentation of gift certificates to thank active members who have volunteered through 2018:

  1. Heather Beatty for providing the weekly run routes;
  2. Doug Brown – Learn to Run organization;
  3. Jackie Allen – Tempo runs;
  4. Donna de Bellefeuille – Race director; and Barry Carr – Race co-director; and
  5. Gerry Thompson – Treasurer.
  6. Thank you for the outgoing President for an excellent job. Standing ovation for Barb Low and gift presented by Jill Davies.


Club and race funds were donated to: Haven House ($2000), Forward House ($1000), and Workability ($250). Significant funds also went to Youth Athletics: $750 to Mid-Island Distance Running club (sponsored by Kim and Randy Longmuir); and $200 to Oceanside Track and Field (sponsored by Jane Waite).

Donations from race proceeds – the major recipient is still Haven House; the other two recipients will be Forward House and the Oceanside Track & Field Club. Discussion was invited re: other suggestions (e.g., Sue Carr’s Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO), Arrowsmith Search and Rescue).

Discussion ensued regarding which groups/entities to support.

MOTION by Barb Low that the following recipients receive donations from the Club and race funds: Haven House, Forward House, Mid-Island Distance Running club (sponsored by Kim and Randy Longmuir) and to PEO.  SECONDED by:  Jill Davies. MOTION PASSED unanimously.


Directors’ Positions: The president advised that there are three changes in the Directors’ slate:

  1. Communications is currently not a voting Director’s role; in January, Terry Riggins’ position as Communications Director changed to a non-Director position. He will continue to post Saturday morning route information organized by Heather Beatty on the ORCA Facebook page as well as upcoming races and results.
  2. Member-at-Large has been added (Jody Parkes) to make up the quorum and provide a role for an ORCA member to gain experience then choose a more active role after 2 years.
  3. Vice-President: To vote on issues for two years then step into the President’s role.

Installation of New Directors:

MOTION by Barb Low that we vote to install the following new Directors who have volunteered for these positions:

President: Douglas Marshall

Secretary: Catherine Trembath

Treasurer: Stephanie McLeod

Membership: Penny Youngash

Member-at-Large: Jody Parkes


Interim Treasurer: Gerry Thompson

Public Relations: Jill Davies 

Social Events: Barb Wildman-Spencer

SECONDED by Jill Davies. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

Discussion led by Jill Davies ensued to have someone from Board of Directors on Race Committee.

MOTION by Barb Low to have someone from Board of Directors sit on the Race Committee, SECONDED by Barry and Donna. MOTION PASSED unanimously.

Public Relations and Vice President positions remain to be filled at a later date.

Outdoor Track Upgrades: The president advised that ORCA members and others in the community continue to apply pressure to the Regional District of Nanaimo and local politicians to upgrade and develop athletic facility plans for 2019. The president queried those present if they would like to accompany her to lend our ORCA support in a meeting with MLA, Michelle Stilwell—from 12-12:30 pm on Friday, November 23rd.

Ordering T-shirts: The president noted that we need one or two people to help with ordering T-shirts for the 2019 race volunteers. She requested quick responses so this can get started in February of 2019.

Finally, the president outlined certain items tabled for discussion in the future and motioned item as noted below:

  1. Barb Low invited those present to help to update and maintain the ORCA website.
  2. Barb Wildman-Spencer invites ORCA members to join her Social Events planning committee. Patti Rogers has agreed to assist.
  3. MOTION by Barb Low that a new position of Vice-President be created, as a Director’s position to prepare for 2 years to replace the President, SECONDED by Jill Davies. MOTION PASSED unanimously.
  4. The president reminded those present of the process for membership renewal to ensure everyone completes a waiver form every year; people who come to Saturday runs or other events who want to try them out before becoming members must complete the waiver form.
  5. The president encouraged those present to bring a friend to ORCA runs: plan to bring a friend as often as possible.
  6. The president noted that Learn to Run participants should be members of ORCA. A Directors’ meeting will take place in November to address this issue regarding Learn to Run and Membership.
  7. The president encouraged those present to present themselves as a friendly running club that is part of a large umbrella of weekday runs, walks, and workouts.
  8. The president encouraged those present to consider whether or not we should make ORCA medals for next year’s Oceanside Mother’s Day race.

MOTION by Barb Low to adjourn the meeting, SECONDED by Jill Davies.
MOTION PASSED unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.