2018 AGM

Thursday, November 1, 2018, at Serious Coffee, 1209 E. Island Hwy, Parksville

Members in attendance – Heather Beatty, David Beatty, Kris Riggins, Terry Riggins, Sue Thompson, Gerry Thompson, Don Petrie, Sandra A. Webb, Jill Davies, Maureen Kenyon, Don Barber, Faye Amos, Barb Low, Patti Rogers, Penny Youngash, Christine Rivers, Dean Williams, Barb Wildman- Spencer, Barry Carr, Donna de Bellefeuille, Catherine Trembath, Penny Knorr, Stephanie McLeod, Jody Parkes and Chris Chiment (as well as one attendee whose name was not on the list).

Board of Directors in Attendance:
President: Barbara Low
Treasurer: Gerry Thompson
Secretary: Barbara Low (interim)
Membership Director: (Doug Brown absent) (Barbara Low, co-director)
Public Relations Director: Jill Davies
Social Director: Barb Wildman-Spencer

Mother’s Day Race Director, Co-Director: Donna de Bellefeuille and Barry Carr
Learn to Run Program:  (Doug Brown, also representing Rod Bailey, both absent) Read more