2018 Resolutions? Get Fit, Have Fun, Learn to Run


As the holiday season with its celebrations and festivities draws to a close, traditionally it is also a time for reflection.  For many there are resolutions too. Maybe this is the year to gain, or regain a level of fitness or perhaps lose a few pounds, even plan to walk or run a 5K race. And how often do those New Year resolutions become part of the ‘History of Wishful Thinking’?

The Oceanside Running Club may have just the solution. Once again the Club is offering its annual ‘Learn to Run’ clinic for anyone who wants to sustain their New Year resolution and do it with the support of others in a carefully structured programme that starts on Wednesday February 7th.

Said clinic coach, Doug Brown “This is a programme for adults who want to learn healthy running skills in a safe and supportive environment.” Doug explained “You may have been a runner once and want to run again. You may be recovering from injury and want to regain your fitness however you don’t have to be a runner or have previous running experience to take part. You do need to be able to walk comfortably at a reasonably brisk pace for 35-40 minutes”. Doug went on to explain that the programme is very carefully structured starting with walk/run sessions. The key is to gradually increase the running intervals while reducing the walk breaks as slowly but surely the participants build their stamina and running ability.

Maureen Forscutt, a graduate from one of the earlier Learn to Run clinics says that it is ideal to start the clinic at the first session. “Nobody’s left behind. You start out walking and then someone calls out “Run!” and you run for the prescribed time then there is a call to walk again.  The great thing is that when you are a beginner you don’t even need to keep track as Doug and his helpers focus on the timing.”

This year’s clinic starts on February 7th and will take place weekly on Wednesday evenings between 6.00 – 6.45 pm. The sessions build over the weeks to the final clinic on Wednesday May 9th. This is the Wednesday before the Oceanside Mothers’ Day 5K Run/Walk on Sunday May 13th. The clinic registration fee of $35.00 includes the race entry fee for those who want to set themselves a goal or maybe decide as the weeks progress, that this might just be a great personal target!

For more information: Contact Doug at 250.248.8342 or email dougb2016@telus.net

Want to Get Back Into Running or Trail Walking?

If you are interested in getting back into running, trail running, or trail walking, now is the best time! We’d love to have you join our ORCA family–so many good things to do outside in nature–plus social events and coffee/breakfast visits after Saturday morning outings. Contact Barb Low: (250) 240-9514 or barbara.j.low@gmail.com

Time for Tempo Tuesdays!

Want to pick up the pace through the summer? Beginning Tuesday, June 6th, the Tuesday night ORCA tempo group will be launching the tempo program. This would be a good time for anyone who may be interested in joining tempo to come out.

We meet at Ballenas high school main parking lot at 6:00pm every Tuesday evening.

If anyone has any questions they can contact Jackie at 250-954-1559 or email her at jackiegirl06@shaw.ca or text at 250-240-2167.

The May 14th Oceanside Mother’s Day Race Video

Here is the link to the Shaw video for our May 14th Oceanside Mother’s Day Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btAtFXs5LH8&list=PLRSwDpSO92L1daPWBx8iFStc5yg4sKeR0&index=9 
The segment will be airing wherever in the guide it says Community Producers. Here is this week’s listings: https://www.shaw.ca/uploadedFiles/ShawTV/National/Schedules/STVNAN-04172017-04232017-PRN.pdf?a=53093
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