Farewell but Keep in Touch Letter From Rhys Harrison

Terry and I are finally settling in to our Victoria home and starting to find our way around the city, make new friends and join new groups. It has been a hectic few weeks and we still have lots to do to organize our lives but things are quieting down a little and I have time to catch up on  emails.
I want to take the opportunity to thank all my Orca friends for their friendship and company especially on those long runs and breakfasts. You have been a second family for me and I value my running relationships very much. I miss you already but I have started running with my new club, PIH and that is some compensation. We see Garth & Diana Ball every week and he sends his regards.
Because I had an injury, I was not running much this summer so I feel like I missed saying goodbye to a few folks. I’m sorry about that but no doubt we’ll meet again before long at a race or for coffee or a beer. Please call us if you have time to spare on one of your Victoria trips. We are very close to the highway near the General Hospital in the View Royal area and we’d love to welcome you to our home or meet up for a run and a chat–emails haven’t changed.
Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the rest of the summer,
*If you want Rhys’s new mailing address and phone numbers, please contact Heather Beatty.